Elayne's Statement is only Mostly True

July 29, 2016

I am a silly person, and as a silly person I give my various electronics names. My laptops have always been named Lappy, I'm currently writting this on Lappy Mk III, the other day Christina and I bought Lappy Mk IV to replace the aging Lappy Mk II, but I digress. Not eveything is about Lappys. This is about my television. A 60" smart tv with all the HDMI and component hook ups. I named him Guile's Theme, why, because of what a certain internet meme says about Guile's Theme. Right now the TV has attached it, a Super Nintendo, a Nintendo 64, a Nintendo Wii U, a PlayStation 2, an XBox 360, an XBox One, Lappy Mk III so I can play steam games on it, and can wirelessly connect with my phone to watch youtube videos. Guile's Theme goes with everything.

On a side note, I used to also have a sound bar attached to Guile's Theme, his name was Sonic Boom, for obvious reasons.