Some Man's Sky

August 24, 2016

No Man's Sky's universe is built from an algorithm that populated it with over 18 quintillion planets. From what I've gathered the algorithm builds the planets from dozens of variables, from flaura and fauna, mineral deposits, atmosphere and environment, stuff like that. In practice however I've heard from many people that the differences in the algorithm produce aren't that different, and that after exploring a few planets with life on them you begin to see the same-ness the algorithm truly has, like the afore mentioned goat that has three horns instead of two.

My question is with over 18 quintillion planets there needs to be a few truly unique planets, probably not as unique as I suggested, but quirks in the algorithm should allow for planets made entirely out of gold, or populated by giant creatures. Trailers for the game show giant sandworms on a planet, which the makers of the game say are a possibility with the algorithm, but so far no one has found a planet with them on it.

I guess the thing is, if there are a few planets that were hand crafter to be awesome and unique it's nearly impossible to find them among the 18 quintillion planets. Maybe if they added some sort of puzzly mini quest that could lead you to gold planet, or dragon planet, or gold dragon planet it would be cool. Then again that's only assuming gold dragon planet exists to begin with.