Elayne's Very Own Storyline: Part I

October 18, 2016

Happy 800th comic every peoples. Today's comic may look a bit different, and that's because I didn't draw it, Christina did. So if you don't like it, its all her fault. You should like it though, cause I still wrote it, but I digress. Elayne has always been a strange character for me. When I first introduced her into the story the three main characters of Danny, Jeb and Brad were loosely based my myself and two of my friends from college. Elayne however isn't really based on anyone. She was really just created to have a girl in the cast, and because of this she really didn't have a purpose, and she was rarely used for a character I intended to use as frequently as the three guys.

She began to come into her own when the Halloween storylines started. Establishing that she made costumes for a living fleshed out her character to something more than just "girl." Gwen on the other hand was always intended to be an analog for Christina, and because of this at her introduction she already was a much more fleshed out character than Elayne ever was. I think since then I've done a better job defining and fleshing out the characters, including Elayne, but she still feels like the most neglected character. (Well maybe Jeb is the most neglected character at this point, but I have plans for him. Jeb will return! #Jeb2017: Return of the Jeb(not Jeb Bush, Jeb)) The solution to this, give Elayne her own storyline. More on this next time.