Make America Pizza Again

February 27, 2017

Hey every peoples, NerdCon is over, and now I got the post-con sadness like whoa. This was a great con with great people, an excellent way to begin our conventioning year. I'd like to give a special thanks to the people at Synema Studios who were exceptional booth neighbors. Todd and Michael, Christina and I both think your Miis are fantastic. Also thanks to Michael and Ceri for indulging me with my stupid science questions, but I digress. If you love to learn subscribe to Sci Show on youtube, and Synema Studios new show Kate Techtonics, which teaches geology in a unique and quirky but endearing way.

Anywho, I should probably talk about the comic, or, static image in today's case. I made a Pizza John. The complete nature of Pizza John is hard to explain. It's a thing that exists because it is a thing. It's a non sequitur image of a mustachioed John Green with the word pizza under it. It is an internet meme of the highest caliber, and the Nerdfighters have taken the image and ran with it, as I have done just now. Together we can make America pizza again, and hopefully decrease a little world suck. DFTBA.