Spaghetti Papyrus

March 30, 2017

Hey every peoples, sorry for the odd timing of this post. Christina and I just got back from Conbust, our favorite little college town convention at Smith College in North Hampton, MA. Then after that we spent a few days in the Berkshires to take care of some wedding stuff, and It has become more clear that as the wedding draws closer, now only a month away, I have less time to do Kickass McAwesomes. Well maybe less time isn't the best way to discribe it, more like less drive to do it whilst there are more important stuff to do, but I generally end up wasting time watching youtube, but I digress. Today we have Con Sketches!


First, from Undertale we have everyone's either first or second favorite skele-bro, Papyrus! I know we're a bit late to the Undertale bandwagon, but we both really like the game and it's unique characters and methods of story telling. If you haven't played Undertale yet you really should. Anywho, I have plans for Spaghetti Papyrus, grandiose plans! Which is why I inked and colored him in for today's comic. Expect to see Spaghetti Papyrus to showing up in places where he doesn't belong.

Christina cheated!

Secondly we have a group of sketches from Christina. During a lull in the convention I suggested we try a little drawing exersize. One of us give the other a drawing prompt, then they have a minute to draw said prompt. Christina's first prompt was Harry Potter, where she drew the heads of the three main characters before I could fully explain the game, or start timing her, so she cheated. Zelda from Zelda, (duh) Jaina from Warcraft, Captain Jean-Luc Picard, the best of all the captains. Yeah I said it, come at me bro! Finally I gave her two minutes and told her to draw the three starters from Pokémon Sun and Moon, which I have to say her vague memory of what Popplio looks like is probably my favorite thing ever. Also I like how her Rowlet is clearly a penguin, as opposed to an owl.

I are bad at drawing.

Next up was me. First up, the derpiest Charizard ever, followed by Commander Spock, the best of all Vulcans. Yeah I said that too, come at me again bro! Goku from Dragon Ball, Cable from X-Men, which I was unable to finish due to giving him too many Liefeldian abs. Then she said Crookshanks, which she discribed as Hermione's pet. I don't know as much about Harry Potter, but via process of elimination I guessed it was a cat, so I drew a cat, and I was right. Finally she gave me two minutes to draw Booker and Elizabeth from BioShock Infinite. I really liked this exersize, currently we're brainstorming a way to possibly do this monthly and post it as a video for our Patrons on Patreon, so keep an eye out for that, possibly maybe, I don't really know.

Show off.

Next I gave Christina five minutes to draw the cast from the new live action Beauty and the Beast moive and she did this. Fucking show off. I kid.

Little driggin.

Christina also drew a driggin, he lives in a tea cup. I said he should live in a wine goblet, but I suppose we shouldn't endorse underage drinking by having a baby dragon that lives in a wine goblet, so a tea cup it is. Unfortunately she made a whoops while inking it, and unfortunately there is no control z in reality, ... ... ... yet. Anywho, I think she's going to ink it in photoshop later, where control z does exist.

More driggins

Finally Christina drew more dragons, cause that's just what Christina does. She's probably doing it right now. I just asked what's she's doing, she said nothing. Sounds suspiciously like dragon drawing to me.