Look at My Dog!

April 28, 2017

Holy balls, I'm posting a comic. Yes my busy time preparing for the weddng is coming to a close. Tomorrow Christina and I will be married, or the gypsy curse will wear off and Christina will realize the vast mistake she has made, but I dirgress, I made a comic. This comic is a deep cut for me, and I'm sure maybe about three people in my audience. Harvest Moon 64, like all Harvest Moon games has a relationship system. You make friends by talking with people and giving them gifts that they like. So you can't cheat the system the game is coded to recognize if you have talked to someone, or given them a gift that day. Once you've you talked with them, and given a gift you can't earn any more friendship points with the person for the day. However there is one hole in this code, your dog. If you're holding you dog and talk to someone, they have a special response for that situation, and for the most part talking to someone holding your dog does nothing, except for Karen. Despite her response of, "Doesn't look too clever," Karen actually likes your dog, so if you show her the dog she'll gain a little friendship boost with you, and it's this friendship boost there is no check for in the game. So what does that mean? It means on day one if you show Karen your dog about 80 times you'll gain enough friendship with her for her to fall in love with you. Which, may or may not be how I whooed Christina.