Another String of Elayne Comics: Part IV

July 06, 2017

Just like the struggle of small girl pockets is real, the anti-struggle of giant boy pockets are not. Compared to the pockets in Christina's jeans, my pants pockets are a fricking never ending bag of holding. I don't think I can get a Switch in there, but everything else does and will will likely be in my pockets this weekend. Where am I going to be this weekend? Christina and I are going to be at ConnectiCon! If you're also going to be at ConnectiCon come stop by the artist's alley and say, you're art is incredibly derivative, and has been getting progressively lazy and more amateurish as the years progress, or hi. Whichever feels right to you.

When I get back from the convention expect the tart of a new storyline, probably about going to a convention.