Super Shenanigans Bros. Ultimate: Just This One Time

July 27, 2021

All right then. Now that it is clear to everyone that AltaÔr isnít in Washington DC to kill anyone we can get back to the more pertinent plot point, whether or not anyone besides Danny knows about the universal reboot. Danny of course remembers this because itís his punishment for erasing the universe to begin with. Atleast it would have been, if he wasnít a terrible person. No instead AltaÔr punished him in a different way.

Also are you as sick of this storyline as I am and just want it to end? Donít worry, it will. Only one comic left, then a new perhaps betterer storyline can begin! However if you want to see the new storyline now you can join our Patreon! Thatís right our Patreon isnít dead, but It is on life support. I humbly thank the patrons that stuck with us during the pandemic. The very least I can do is share Kickass McAwesome early with you. Maybe Iíll poke Christina to do one of them exclusive art print dealies you probably actually give us money for.