Open Mouth, Insert Foot

October 05, 2021

Hey, long time no post, sorry about that. Nothing is wrong, everything is fine. My laptop isn't making noises that I can only assume originate from the depths of Hell, ... ... ... anymore. Yeah, a few weeks ago one of the fans in my laptop decided to loudly protest it's existence, so I had to get a new cooling array. Which real world Brad installed for me, because like comic Brad, he is an IT professional, and also a good friend, who will install a laptop fan array for me for the low, low payment of, making boneless buffalo wings, and helping me eat a cake that frankly I was going to make anyways. Like I said, good friend. Anywho, now that I no longer fear parts of my laptop dragging the other parts of it into Hell I'm back to making and posting the comics.

Did I add Rey so I could make jokes like this? No, I'm not that cynical, but I'd be lying if I said I was going to straight up ignore the story telling opportunities that a character like Rey adds. That being said I shouldn't only exclusively use Rey for jokes like this, that's how you end up with lazy stereotypes, and/or straight out offensive characters. Honestly I feel this comic really helps to solidify Rey's personality. She is capable of controlling the room, but at the same time doesn't take herself too seriously, also it's rare to see someone take Gwen down a peg, though the need to do so doesn't arise that often.

Now for the Patreon? shoutout! Like I said I had to get a new cooling array for my laptop. You could give me a dollar if you want. Help me pay for something I already paid for! Patreon might help facilitate such a transaction. Give me money! I've quipped in the past that the money is used to feed the dog, fuck the dog, we're upgrading my laptop. When we opened up my laptop we found out only one of it's RAM slots is being used, meaning I can get MORE RAM! Do you know how large I can make the photoshop files that I use to make my comics if I had 32, or even 48 gigs of RAM? Irresponsibly large. Larger than they already are, which is pretty damn irresponsible to begin with.