And the Winner is!

October 26, 2021

From the very beginning of the Elayne storyline I intended to make Pietr the winner, but the comic in which that was delivered has changed. Originally I was going to have an arc where everyone would have a watch party for the finale of the show, and I would introduce Rey as a more prominent cast member then. But then all the cataract stuff happened, I couldn't make comics for the better part of two years, my upload schedule was sporadic at best, and honestly I just wanted to move on from the reality show storyline. So the watch party never happened, but I still wanted to introduce Rey, and honestly I think this way worked better. Now for the next comic. This comic was always planned, and frankly it might be my favorite comic I've ever made.

But do you know what my favorite Patreon is? ... ... ... The Continue Patreon. Seriously, those guys have been making quality video game content for well over a decade, and don't get nearly the credit they deserve. Oh, you thought I meant my Patreon? Nah, fuck that Patreon. I heard the guy who runs it barely updates it.