Metroid Dread Spoiler Warning

November 09, 2021

Oh man, Metroid Dread, a.k.a. my game of the year, unless this Guardians of the Galaxy game grabs me in a way I hope it does, but I digress. Metroid Dread is wicked fucking good guys. So good that I made a comic about it. It's kind of spoilery. Let's just say Samus has Daddy issues. It's not nearly as bad as Other M, but to completely ignore it in Dread, well, I just don't know if you're paying attention to any subtext. Anywho, anyone who's gotten to the end of the game knows the joke.

But do you know what's a joke that everyone gets? Our Patreon! What exactly do I mean by that last statement? Am I just using more self-deprecating humor, or am I making a point to state that access to our Patreon is as low as $1 a month, a price so low that everyone could get it? ... ... ... It's the first one, the one where our Patreon is tiny and worthy of ridicule. I really don't expect anyone to give us a dollar, but if you do it would be very much appreciated.