Yet Another Flag I'd be Proud to Salute

November 12, 2021

I don't know how we got on this topic of conversation, but it's a topic that often pops up from time to time between Christina and I, and that topic is Chris Evans, but his ass in particular in the case. America's ass! What I do know is when the topic of that patriotic posterior came up a chain of synapses fired in my brain. Chris Evans: America's Ass: Chris Evans is from Massachusetts: Massachusetts flag redesign: That ass belongs to Massachusetts damn it! With the conclusion of that final brain fart I non sequiturily said, "Gwen should have made a new Massachusetts State Flag proclaiming Massachusetts the birthplace of America's ass!" With Christina's blessing I went to the computer and busted out this comic in a few hours.

So, we all know who America's ass belongs to, but what is America's Patreon? Probably not our Patreon, but I mean it's a pretty okay Patreon, you get to read all comics a week earlier for only a dollar a month.