Brad's Adventures in ITLand: Flight Navigating to Your Data

November 16, 2021

This comic might be showing my age, but I always wanted to work in the Microsoft Flight Simulator Easter egg hidden in Office 97 in one of these "Brad's Adventures in ITLand" comics. Now I can guess what you're thinking, "Jared, no one uses Office 97 anymore, that's like so old." To which I say, it sure is larval human form who's only lived through one year with a 19 in it. Trust me, there are plenty of offices in this country still using woefully out of date software because they're too cheap to upgrade, even if not upgrading is actually costing them more money in productivity loss by forcing their employees to find work arounds to using legacy software and hardware. I'm sure there's no one in my vicinity who can relate.

But you know what runs on software that isn't out of date? Our Patreon! Then again that might mostly be due to Patreon being in control of their own software. If it was up to me it probably would be a bit behind, kind of like the technology and code that this site is running on.