NFTs: They're Like Crypto-Currency, But Worse!

December 14, 2021

Yes, can I use my make up digital currency whose value is overinflated and made up to purchase the concept of owning the idea of a piece of art, whose value is also overinflated and made up? I know I'm totally coming off like "old man yells at cloud," here, but NFTs are just a mutation of Crypto-currency, a.k.a. made up bullshit used by tech-nerds to trick other nerds into thinking it has value. Then other non-nerds take it too far and now something a dude coded in his dorm as a lark is now worth $12,000 a unit because some 50 year old hedge fund manager's 24 year old secretary explained to him what FOMO was, he felt FOMO, and invested in something he has no idea how it works. What he does know is now he needs to convince all his investor friends that this valueless thing that is really awkward to use actually has value, ... ... ... and now it's worth $2,17.


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