Bump This Topic Please

April 12, 2010

Well hello there, my small cadre of supportive readers, you might have noticed a little change to the site. In celebration of my one hundredth comic, I have added a sixth button to the site navigation bar! But the button itself is only the beginning, what it links to is the real surprise, for I have added a forum to the website! I'd love to get some reader feedback, or just have someone stop by to say hello.

About today's comic, it is entirely true, nothing made up at all. I was watching some videos on youtube showing gameplay footage for Guitar Hero 4, though I'm a Rock Band guy all the way, but I digress. The bass parts in Guitar Hero 4 has this odd input prompt that looks like the prompt the drummer gets for the bass drum. I of course had no idea what this prompt was for so I figured I could get the answer on a game site's forums, and well, this is the answer I got.