Now It's A Busted Sword

April 09, 2010

One thing you're sure to see at an anime convention is cosplay. To the non-nerd layman, that means people dressing up as characters from their favorite show or video game. I myself am guilty of this nerdular past-time. I have in my closet a bright blue chinese coat that I'll probably never wear again, but I digress.

One thing I'd never cosplay as would be anything that requires a large prop, or anything that would hinder my mobility. Some of the most common costumes in this vein are Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII with his unnessecarily large sword, or Wolfwood from Trigun with his giant cross. In the more movement hindering costumes, you have the mecha costume, usually cobbled together with cardboard boxes.

Last weekend at Anime Boston, when my friends and I walked in on Friday, we saw this girl just outside the convention center wearing a long ball gown and a set of wide angel wings, and when I say wide I mean wings that were probably wider than her actual wingspan. And these were really cool looking wings, they weren't the usual set of costume wings, nor did they seem to be made of cardboard; no, these were made out of thin balsa wood or something. Anyway, the reason I bring this up is because, like I said, she was standing outside the convention, not because people were taking pictures of her costume. No, she was standing outside the convention center looking at the revolving door, trying to figure out how to get inside the con without breaking her wings. I can only assume she walked around to the regular door and walked in that way, sideways.