Trailer Time

April 21, 2010

As I'm sure you're aware, I have an XBox 360. I love my 360, I like all the many thing it can do. I don't, however, see the point of downloading trailers on it. The way it's implemented is kind of backwards. You search for the trailer you want to watch, download it, then load it from your hard drive to watch it, then you delete it. My problem comes from that, the whole deleting thing.

When I was at my friend Chris' the other week, he was going through his hard drive and there were dozens of old trailers just sitting there, wasting space. So he had to sit there and delete them all one by one, kind of a pain in the ass. There is a 'delete all videos' option, but when some of those videos are movies or TV episodes you actually paid for, an option like that kind of becomes pointless.

What Microsoft should do is make a separate folder in the hard drive for trailers so you can purge the folder without fear of deleting something you paid for, or better yet, since you have to be connected to the internet to download these trailers to begin with, why not just let people stream them and bypass the download entirely?