The Greyest thing I Have Ever Seen

April 23, 2010

Colors: they're wonderful things, they brighten up the world and make scenary that much more vibrant. However, a new trend in video games has taken away the color and replaced it with browns and greys. Apparently this kind of coloring scheme makes thing look "gritty and realistic." I buy the gritty part, much dirt is brown or grey, but I'm pretty sure most of the things in this world are in color.

One game series in particular comes to mind when I think about this trend, and that's the Gears of War franchise. Recently a trailer for the third installment of the series has been released and I must say, it is the greyest thing I have ever seen. This is, however, a trailer for a game still in development, so maybe they'll add some color at the last minute, but given the other two games in the series, I kind of doubt it.

On a side note concerning the comic, I said I wasn't going to do something a few weeks ago, but it just worked into the joke so well, I had to.