Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted, ... Within the Rules of Fair Use Parody That Is

November 30, 2012

So here we are. I said I had a decision to make and the decision has been made. The topic I was torn on was how to handle the relationship between Elayne and Alta´r, or more appropriately how Elayne views Alta´r. I've always been a bit vague with how Alta´r actually fits into the world of the comic, in that he's a fictional character that somehow exists as a real person, yet somehow still remaining a video game character, because you know, ... comedy! Yes in the context of the comic Alta´r is supposed to be the same character from the game. Don't know how he exists in their world, he just does, and Danny, Jeb and Brad just except it, but this wasn't really the case for Elayne.

When I did the Pax Prime story arc, the first time Elayne and Alta´r co-existed, I never actually introduced the characters to each other, same thing during the Halloween arc, they still never directly interacted with one another. So the idea I thought of was, should I continue on with the status quo, have Elayne know that Alta´r is a fictional character that somehow lives in her world, or instead have Elayne think Alta´r is just some guy in a costume, and have the former be a huge revelation for her. After discussing it with a few readers they helped me decide on the latter, for it left room for more comedy. Hopefully you agree.

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