Patience is a Virtue

March 06, 2013

I know I shouldn't be surprized by this any more, but it still annoys me. Midnight releases for PC games will never go smoothly. You hear that internet? They will NEVER be perfect, a company can NEVER be fully prepared for the sudden increased bandwidth demand. Stop complaining, shut up! You're not entitled to a refund because you couldn't play the game instantly. You're giving us gamers a bad name, but I digress.

Sim City 5 came out yesterday, actually they're calling it Sim City, which makes no damn sense, but let's be honest, it's Sim City 5, but I digress. Me and my friend James were very excited for this game, and we both got digital copies and eagerly awaited 12:00 AM on the 5th. James' download went through quite quickly and smoothly, while mine took time to process. Now I'm a logical, patient guy. I understand that only so much information can be drawn from EA's servers, and while we didn't wait in a physical line to get the game in a store, to think that there isn't a virtual line is wrong, very, very wrong. I foresee a similar, situation happening next week when StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm, comes out.