In Retrospect, the Servers Were Probably Down Anyway

March 15, 2013

Hey peoples, sorry that I haven't posted in a week, but like I posted on the facebook page (shameless plug, I have a facebook page. Like the link and like it. I'll be your friend if you do.) my internet was down, and it has been down, but now it's back, thus I am back, meaning I can start posting comics again. Hurray!

Not having the internet all this week dives home why I hate the always online DRM on games like SimCity. I just bought this game, I wanted to play this game, but my internet's not working, so I can't play my game. Now for a game like World of Warcraft, where you need an online community to play is one thing, but SimCity is fundamentally a single player game. It does have online capabilities, which are great. My friend James and I have spent a good deal of time playing the game together, now that I have the internet back. Playing online with friends is fun, but you know what else can be fun? Playing by yourself, you know, just you, your computer and the game you paid for. No internet needed.