Some Things You Can't Fix With a Hammer

March 18, 2013

Oh man it's a WoW comic!


One of the aspects of World of Warcraft is gear damage. Over time your weapons and armor will lose durability, slowly during normal play, and a 10% loss every time you die. When your gear reaches a durability of zero you stop getting the stat boosts the item normally would give. When this happens you need to go to a special kind of NPC to repair your gear, and that situation leads us to today's comic.

Almost all the NPC's that can repair your gear are depicted as a blacksmith, which makes sense. If your need dents and chips in your breast plate fixed you go to a blacksmith, but not everyone wears breast plates. As a Priestess Dani wears cloth armor, so when she needs her robes repaired what exactly is a hammer and anvil going to do?