Interview with a "Vampire"

December 21, 2009

So, seeing as how I am not a giggly screaming teenage fangirl, I hate the Twilight series of books and movies, but I don't hate them because they suck, oh and trust me they suck. The story is crap but I'll give Stephenie Meyer her due, she certainly knows how to write to her target audiance, the afore-mentioned giggly screaming teenage fangirl.

No, the reason why I hate the Twilight Series so much is because what it has done to the noble Vampire. I didn't know the book series existed until the first movie came out, and I will admit, knowing nothing about the plot or story when I first saw the teaser trailer for Twilight, I was all, "Cool, a new Vampire movie, I love vampires. Vampires are awesome." Then I learned a little more about the story and plot and was all, "What the fuck? Those aren't Vampires! That sounds like something written for giggly screaming teenage fangirls." And I was right.

So now, to point out everything that is wrong with these "vampires," I present you with this comic.