Christmas Aftermath.

December 28, 2009

Hey there every peoples. Hope you all had a good Christmas and/or whatever winter-type holiday you happen to celebrate. Hope you got something you wanted. I got a few things I liked, but mostly I got gift certificates, which brings me to the point of today's comic.

Gift Certificates, they're innocent enough. Nice little tokens that say, "I dodn't know what to get you, but I wanted to get you something you'd like." Inversely gift certificates can also say, "I don't know what the hell to get you, you do it!" Whatever the sentiment behind the certificate is, it ends you with the recipient having to go and get their gift themselves, which is fine, if you can drive.

Being legally blind and unable to drive, I don't particularly like getting gift certificates, cause not only do I have to go and get my own presents, but I have to find someone else to drive me. Thankfully Christmas was right before a weekend, so I didn't have to wait long.