Sleep is for the Weak!

December 30, 2009

So now that I've had a chance to grab a few new games for myself with my gift certificates, I find it odd to say that the game I've spent the most time one since Christmas is Wii Fit. I technically got it for my Mom, but I use it too, for I am a fat piece of crap, at least that's what the balance board said when I stepped on it for the fight time. It said something to the likes of, "Good God, you are a fat piece of crap. Get off me before you break me." I kid, I kid, or do I?

Feel free to click on the comic button now, I'm gonna play with my virtual hula hoop.

On a side note, Wii Fit's outside exercise log lists playing guitar as light exercise. You think that included playing Rockband? Probably not, otherwise I would have been ripped last year.