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September 30, 2013

A month ago my super best friends Chris and Caitlin had there first child. They named her Kerrigan, which at first might seem like a name that's a little out of ordinary, until you take into concideration that Chris absolutely loves StarCraft, but not only that, works for Blizzard. This kid has no chance. She will be a nerd, and by that I mean she will grow up having an appreciation for the more nerdular genres of science fiction and fantasy, and with parents like hers she will likely become a gamer. Having known her mother and her family my entire life I can honestly attest that gaming is in her genes. But who knows, maybe she'll rebel against her parents and grow up to like sports and cars, and sportscars, and sports involving cars.

On a side note if no one currently makes a little baby sized zergling beanie, someone better start. You have your orders internet, get on it!