You'll Never Get Sub Five Minutes With That Attitude

October 02, 2013

Hearthstone! An upcoming online collectable card game that pretty much everyone universally loves. And it just so happens to be made by Blizzard. And I just so happen to know someone who works for Blizzard who has gotten me into betas for previous games. However the Beta for Hearthstone is a lot smaller than say the betas of StarCraft II, or Diablo III. Chris explained the smaller size of the beta pool for this game as some employees having to play "Sophie's Choice" over which child would get a beta invite. That analogy was all I needed to instantly picture his newborn baby being one of the lucky few to get one of the first invites and the absurdity of a baby playing such a complicated game, thus this comic.

On a side note, holy shit did Monday's comic get around. It was by far the highest number of unique views any of my comics has reached, at least according to facebook. So to the hundreds of people who saw Monday's comic, who will likely also see today's comic, why not stay awhile. Read some other comics. Perhaps like us on facebook? I'll be you friend.