Halloween Shenanigans III: Competition Brings Out the Worst in Her

October 25, 2013

Hey there peoples, the Halloween story arc keeps on a rolling. So, I may have stated in the past that at times drawing the female characters gives me some problems. The problems usually having to do with how female specific clothing should look. As a single heterosexual man with no interest in crossdressing I lack things like skirts and high heeled shoes to use as drawing reference, but I digress.

Elayne's costume in this story line is comprized of a bikini bottom-esque, thing and a half skirt, half butt cape thinger that hangs from her belt I suppose. Hey don't blame me, blame Yoshitaka Amano, but I digress yet again. While she's standing the costume is easy to draw, the butt cape skirt thinger covers up most of her legs. Hard part's taken care of. However if she were to sit down, which she does in today's comic beause a lame joke is dependent on it, the skirt would splay open due to it being open in the front. Now how am I supposed to draw that?

Let's just say, if you were to go through the browser history on my laptop the Google image search for "sitting cross legged in a bikini" is STRICTLY for professional reasons.

On a side note for those of you who follow me on my facebook page, all 36 of you, some changes are coming in the near future, so look forward to that.