Halloween Shenanigans III: This May or May not be Chadwick's Final Comic

October 28, 2013

So funny thing when I was making this comic. I get everything laid out. I got the word bubbles fully bubbled and tailed. I got the character layer, all, um character layered, and on the bottom I have the backbround layer, doing what it does best, being the background. Everything was in order. Comic's done, I go to covert it into a web image, and I stop. Wait a minute, this comic is supposed to run concertly with the previous one, and if Danny, Elayne and everyone else is at the party, then it should be night out. Have I never done a comic outside of the apartments at night? I don't think I have. Well I have now.

Also on a side note in case you didn't know I changed the name of my facebook page to Night Shift Comics to better reflect my partnership with Two Horizons Art. From now on both our works will be posted there, and I have to say the name change is paying off. We haven't even posted anything yet since the change, and we've already got a bunch of new likes. Here's to hopefully getting a few more.