The Mountain of Almost Certain Doom: Page 7

November 11, 2013

Holy shit it's an update, and a new Mountain of Almost Certain Doom update to boot. Haven't seen one of these in over a month. Well they're back and better than ever, so yeah.

Today's installment brings an opening to the second act of the story. The party has begun their track up the mountain. Will they find doom there? Almost certainly.

Anywho I should probably explain why I haven't posted in the past week. I was on a trip, to Baltimore, to help Miss Christina Savino, the artist for The Mountain of Almost Certain Doom showcase her art, in fact I'm at her house right now as I write this blog post.

Hey Christina, say something to the peoples.


Hi? That's it? That all you have to say to the peoples?

We'll be updating regularly again.


And I've counted no less than seven spelling and grammar mistakes in this blog post alone.

Hey never said I could write good, but that's where having a partner comes in handy. We help each other fix our mistakes.


Like all those panels where Indevan didn't have a sword.

I don't remember Indevan ever not having his sword.

Exactly. Teamwork.