Cutting it Off is also an Option

November 13, 2013

Hey there every peoples. I'm back at home now, and getting back into my regular operating schedule. I have to say while my experience at the convention last weekend wasn't the greatest, it was worth it to meet Christina in person finally. The internet has certainly made collaberating on projects easier, but being able to be there with her in person can't be beat. Not only did we discuss and give each other pointers and ideas for the future of The Mountain of Almost Certain Doom and a few projects we have cooking for when that's done, but I bounced ideas for Kickass McAwesome off of her, as she bounced ideas for Seized off of me.

The lack of success at the convention may have been disheartening, but the time I spent there with Christina renewed my vigor to create and drive for doing this. I hope we continue to have oppertunities to work together, and based off the ever growing list of Anime, Video Game, and Comic cons Christina wants to try attending I think she plans on keeping me around for a while, but I digress. I have an actual comic to talk about.

Hair dye. I've never dyed my hair before, my only experience with that is seeing my Mom hide her greys every few months or so. So I assume for perminate hair dye, if you want to go back to your normal color you can just dye it back, right? Right?

On a side note, it's that time of year again. We have entered the period of the brown shirted Danny, and to go along with that we have the first appearence of winter coat Gwen. Christina, whom if it wasn't obvious to anyone that's been reading the comic this past year, is the influence for the Gwen character, and Christina loves her some Spider Man, so I wanted to throw in some Spider Man somewhere. If someone hasn't already made a pair of earmuffs like that, they better get on it. As for the coat, that came from our downtime while at the convention, with Christina thinking of characters we could cosplay as, for future convention. Since we both enjoy Doctor Who, and I have the basis for a Fourth Doctor costume already, she was looking at the costumes of the verious female companions of the Fourth Doctor. The coat Gwen is wearing is taken from the costume worn by Romana II in her first appearence in the serial Destiny of the Daleks. She thought it was a cute coat, but would probably be hard to find one similar enough, without having to resort to making one herself. Fortunately for comic characters giving them the right clothing is as simple as drawing it.

P.S. If it wasn't made abundantly clear before, we are massive nerds.