The Mountain of Almost Certain Doom: Page 8

November 18, 2013

Hey there peoples, it's Monday, so you know what that means, or at least you know what that has meant for the past two weeks. A new page of The Mountain of Almost Certain Doom! I have to say this new schedule of posting Mountain on Mondays is already working out. Christina was able to get me the finished lines early on Thursday, and by Friday night I had fully colored it. In fact we were actually able to make alterations to it, several times. Is this what it feels like to be kind of ahead of schedule? Speaking of ahead of schedule I have pretty much all the Kickass McAwesome comics for the rest of the year planned out and ready to go. I'll be taking my usual break from updating after Christmas, and I'll be using said break to hopefully get Mountain done in time for the wave of conventions next year. March will be here before you know it. Actually the first convention we might be hitting is the last week of February, but I digress. More of that to come as the plans come together.

On the website side of things my long neglected portfolio site has gotten some long over due attention. Click on the link if you want to see the process I used to come up with the logo for Night Shift Comics, among other things.