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November 15, 2013

Hey there peoples. I've had the idea for this comic for pretty much since I introduced Gwen as a character. For some reason someone saying hi to Gwen, strictly for the reason to see what color her hair was that day is comical to me. So I made a comic about it.

On the website side of things I've been making a few minor adjustments here and there. The Character page for Kickass McAwesome has been updated to include Gwen, which considering how important she has been to the on going story was just absent minded on my part not to have done so earlier. Furthermore both Elayne and Gwen have been upgraded to main characters, as apposed to side characters. I like the balance of personalities I have with these five characters, and I only think it's fair the girls get equal billing.

I've also made some changes for Night Shift Comics. First off it now has a proper landing page and a new character page to better fit the new archives page. I really like how the archives page came out. Having the thumbnails for each page like that fits well for a short contained story. Also I made a few slight little error corrections, like changing it so the header reads Night Shift Comics, instead of Kickass McAwesome, and most importantly making sure that Christina's name appears on all the Night Shift Comics copyright notices in the footers. She does do half the work after all.