Curse of Flesh: Alternate Edition.

January 13, 2010

This comic might look a bit familiar, as it's pretty much that same thing from Monday. Same set up, totally different punchline.

As I've said before, every character that appears in the World of Warcraft comics are based on actual people's characters I play with. Well, two of the people I play with, Kraphtdinner and Emeraldcream, have decided to hang up their WoW boots and try this real life thing they've heard about so much.

Thing is, I always wanted to feature them in a comic, but only one has appeared so far. Krapht's the black bear that's been in the comic a few times, but Em, well she just hasn't shown up yet. Mostly because I couldn't think of anything particularly funny her character would fit in with, but in light of her leaving the game soon, I threw thig together at the last moment.