Whoo Snow Day!

February 12, 2010

Hey, remember on Wednesday when I said the comic I had planned was taking too long to finish in time? Well guess what? It's still not ready! I did not get nearly the work I thought I'd get done on Wednesday, and on Thursday morning I woke up bright and early to hopefully finish in time, but I made an extra little simple comic just in case, and well, I'm glad I did cause I'm still not done.

One thing I learned this week is I should kind of plan ahead on these big complicated parody comics, cause they just can't get made in two days everytime. However the simple Danny, Jeb and Brad comics, well I can make then in about two, three hours, and most of that time is spent thinking of something moderately amusing enough to call a punchline.

So, there we have it, enjoy your quickly made filler material, and this time I promise the comic that I have built up enough now that probably no one will like it just to spite me will be done for Monday. Probably.