Cross Promotional Cat Fight.

February 15, 2010

Well after being delayed twice, I'm finally done with this comic. Eight detailed game characters took much longer to get right than I thought it would, not to mention that this is the physically largest comic I've made so far too. Then again, the back grounds suck, because, I'll be frank, I suck at backgrounds and I hate making them, but I digress. Now to explain the funny!

One of my favorite genre of Video Games would have to be Role Playing Games. I've been playing RPG's since the original Final Fantasy on the NES. One of the things I love about RPGs besides their epic scopes and engaging stories are the characters. The best RPGs are the ones that make you really care about the people in the game. Sometimes these characters fill a preset role, like the reluctant hero, the cynical rogue or the shy, naive healer. However, there is one emerging archetype that seems to be in every RPG nowadays, that that is the scantily clad piece of eye candy, and trust me when I say pretty - much - every - game - has - one. I suppose the trend makes sense seeing that these games are mostly made by men, for men and played by men, so yeah.

Two of my favorite RPGs in the past year have been Tales of Vesperia and Star Ocean: The Last Hope, and they too follow the trend of having a scantily clad piece of eye candy with Judith and Myuria. The thing about these two is that they're really similar in appearance. I mean they both have pointy elfen ears, both use a type off pole arm for a weapon, both wear a tiny mantle and an even tinier bikini top under said mantle. They both wear high heeled boots and the mini-est of mini skirts and both their outfits have a blue, white and gold color scheme. In fact they're similar that when I was looking for reference images of these two I found that when I looked for images of Judith I'd find a few images of Myuria and when I was looking for images of Myuria I'd find a few of Judith.

However, all of this is completely coincidental as both games had a shared development cycle, so neither game is ripping off character designs from the other. So what does all of this have to do with today's comic? Well here's just a little idea about what I think might happen if the two of them might so happen to meet. Enjoy, well, at least the guys will.