Summertime Shenanigans Storyline: Remember Jeb? Jeb Remembers

September 02, 2019

For any of you who aren't familiar with the earlier years of Kickass McAwesome, this is Jeb. Jeb was one of the original three characters, along with Danny and Brad. He fulfilled the "innocent" role in the comedy character archetype trinity along side Danny's "schemer," and Brad's "fool." However after I added Gwen to the cast, Jeb's role started to become more and more redundant, with Gwen organically becoming the character most played off against Danny, with very few instances were she is written as more absurd as Danny, and Elayne almost exclusively written as the most grounded character. Jeb's role of the straight man was quickly being usurped, and instead of changing how I was writing Gwen and Elayne I opted to do something rarely done in comics like mine. I let Jeb grow as a character. He graduated, got a job, moved out. You know, life. It's fitting, for a comic largely about friends you make while in college, (without the college actually factoring into the story mind you.) those friends will inevitably move on, but if you're lucky they'll make cameos in your life from time to time.

But you know what makes a cameo at the end of all these blog posts? Our Patreon and our Threadless store! They’re no Stan Lee, but then again who else possibly could hold a candle to the white hot glowing supergiant that is the King of Cameos. None the less they’re cameos I’m a bit found of.