Summertime Shenanigans Storyline: Remembering Over, Callbacks Continue

September 04, 2019

No remembering in this comic, but like the title implies callbacks remain. first a short one calling back just a week to comic 928 in which Brad makes an inadvertent pun about Altaïr's full name. Then I make a callback all the way back to the Pre-Gwen era of Kickass McAwesome, all the way back to comic 483 in which it was heavily implied Brad got the stabs.

In case anyone is wondering, I consider the eras of Kickass McAwesome to be 1 - 303: The Three Idiots Era. 304 - 510: The Elayne Era. 511 - 656: The Gwen Era. 657 - 887: The Post Jeb Era. Now we're in 888 - ???: The Cataract Reboot Era.

As for the blog posts we’re currently in the attempt to draw more traffic to our Patreon and our Threadless store era. So far it is a not a very successful era.