Super Shenanigans Bros. Ultimate: A Joke Aged to Irrelevance

November 24, 2020

So, this joke, Men in Black: International, such a timely reference. When I sowed the seeds for this story line I did it with Altaïr erasing everyone’s memories of Men in Black, knowing that eventually a new Men in Black project would be made and I could use that as a trigger for everyone to regain their memories. There were two things I couldn’t count on. One, Needing what feels like approximately twenty seven eye surgeries, but only six, which is still a lot, and two, Men in Black: International leaving virtually no lasting memory in the zeitgeist at all. I mean I had no expectation that it would, but I intended on posting these comics while the film was still in theaters, (which probably wouldn’t have happened either since that shit got pulled in less than two weeks.) as opposed to posting them well past the movie’s expiration date.