To Catch a Predator: Johto

March 31, 2010

Going back to a game I touched upon in the beginnings of Kickass McAwesome, Pokemon. I'll admit it now like I admitted it back then: I play the Pokemon games. I have to catch them all.

While I have no problem admitting this in the anonymity of the internets, I will say I feel a little awkward when I buy a new version of Pokemon. While I was with my friends coming home from PAX, we stopped by Target so we could pick up a few things. I went to grab a copy of Soul Silver, but seeing as this was Target, the games are under lock and key. Here enters the first situation where I have to let a total stranger know I want a Pokemon game. Thankfully to my surprise the college-age girl that opened the games for me said she picked up Heart Gold the other day. Always nice to meet another person my age still playing Pokemon. Then I had to go to pay for my new game. I placed the game on the counter and the much older cashier looks at me, then looks at my single purchase and asks, "Do you want a gift receipt?" No, it's for me.