I Hope These Pokephones Have Unlimited Minutes

April 02, 2010

Today's comic is a follow up to Wednesday's, but I think it stands up on it's own, too.

Back in the day, when the original Pokemon Gold and Silver came out, one of the gimmicks with the game was the "Pokegear" cell phone. Various NPC's could give you their number and would theoretically call you if they wanted a rematch or something, but 99% of the time they called to tell you the most boring trivial bullshit.

The character most guilty of this offense is little Joey. The first trainer you meet on your journey. This guy is as green as they get, he is the epitome of a noob. And the thing that drives me crazy is he never improves. Every other NPC trainer you trade numbers with eventually call you back for that rematch with pokemon larger in both level and numbers, but not Joey. While you're out claiming ultimate victory in the Pokemon League, or catching Pokemon with powers that could rival a God, Joey's still getting his ass handed to him by a Pidgey, and he's gonna call you every fricking time.