What Not To Do While Waiting in Line

April 07, 2010

Last weekend I attended Anime Boston, and well, let's just say I think I've outgrown the whole Anime Convention thing. Or should I say I've out grown the people who attend such conventions. I've been going to conventions since I has sixteen, and now at twenty-five I can honestly say ninety percent of the people there were younger than me. Some where much, much younger than me, and these are the annoying ones.

One thing that seems to run rampant at Anime Boston lately is people playing Marco Polo, and I don't mean in their hotel pools (truthfully I wish they did it in their hotel pools cause then they'd probably get hypothermia and hopefully a few would die thus making the world a little smarter), but I digress. No, these morons play Marco Polo in the convention. Well, they don't actually "play" the game so to say, it's more like this. Jackass A randomly shouts "MARCO!" and then waits for any other Jackasses within earshot to respond by saying "POLO!" The game then goes on ad nausium until someone gets punched in the face. At least that's how I'd like to believe these things stop.