Chronicles of the Crystalline Mage

My attempt at writting a fantasy fiction epic. Well I like it at least, but than again I am the one writting it. It's not where near done in any sense of the term. I've moust have rewritten this story over a dozen times over the years, and the time I got the farthest in it my computer shit the bed and I lost all my data, so now i have several forms of backup, and now it will also be backed up on ther intronets, so that's a plus.

The Gift

A story I wrote way back in high school. I originally wrote it for probably the best class I took during high school, Best Sellers. The cool thing about the class was our teacher gave us the option to write fiction instead of just the normal boring book reports. I wrote this story off the vague topic of someone who has a trait about them that they see as a hinderance, but by the end of the story see it as a gift. Well that ended up a 30 page story about magic and a corrupt empire, a ragtag resistance group and even more cliches! What is actually posted here is the expanded edision of the original story, and while it still has the same story as the original which was finished, this version is not. That seems to be a running theme with this site. Anyway the expanded version serves as a prequel to The Chronicles of the Crystalline Mage, and I know what you're thinking, Jared how can you write a prequel to a story that isn't finished yet? My answer, cause I said so!

The Legend of Bleve 186

The fictional story of a band from Boston just trying to make it. It actually is about how I said I was going to quit my friend's virtual band in Rock Band 2 after he was a dick and drummed over my bass solo in Don't Stop Believing. I didn't think it would end up as long as it did, but fourteen chapters and over 30,000 words later, and I'm now where near the end.