How to Print Money.

April 26, 2010

Hey there peoples, time to play to my core demographic again, that being World of Warcraft players, or to be more to the point people who play WoW with me, but in truth it's been awhile and I've been wanting to do another WoW comic for awhile now.

Now World of Warcraft, as I'm sure most of you know is an online role playing game in which you must pay $14.95 a month to play. Essencially Blizzard makes something around the lines of 170 million dollars a month as they slowly harvest out souls. You'd think Uncle Blizz would be fine with that, but sadly no, no they found a way to harvest said souls just a wee bit faster. Resently Uncle Blizz added the Celestial Steed, a special mount in the game that you can be yours, for the low, low price of $24.95, no seriously.

For $24.95 you got a wacky sparkly new flying horse and nothing else,, granted every character on you account past, present and future can use this mount, but for $24.95, ten dollars more than a month of play they'd at least give you a free month of play, hell they could at least give you a week, but now you're out $24.95 and all you haave to show for it is a sparkly flying virtual horse.

Funny sidenote, while I was getting screenshots in game to use for source material I asked my friend Caitlin if I could use her character for the comic. So she flies in to were I'm waiting for her in the game and does she come flying in on her new glitter horse? No, she's riding a green dragon, a normal in game mount. You'd think she'd be riding the sparkly stallion she paid actual money for. Furthermore when she sees me with my bad ass black dragon mount, again another in game, free as long as you earn it mount she expresses minor jealousy. Hey you listening Uncle Blizz? I think I found a way you could milk some more cash out of Caitlin!