Mega Man's Lament.

August 1, 2011

So last weekend I made a Bonus comic so I could comment of the new Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom roster while it was fresh news. Well seeing as I made that comic in the middle of doing a storyline I didnít do it justice, something I will rectify this week. As a side note it fill me with nerdular glee that in a few months this will become a reality. I have to say that was always and still is my favorite comic IĎve done so far.

Now on a more somber note. The forums, to the nine of you that actually used them you might notice a slight change, in the fact that the forums have been totally reset. In my infinite wisdom while pruning the forum of spam bot accounts I accidentally okayed parameters that actually deleted all the other accounts, and from what Iíve found there isnít a way to recover them. Iím truly sorry to those of you effected. So now the forums have been remade and streamlined. To be honest the forums never really turned out the way I hoped they would. Nothing but waves and waves of spam, and what little posts I got from actual people slowed down even more once I started posting my comics on facebook. So basically the forums are there if you still want to use them Em and Jae.