Danny's Hot Mom

August 31, 2009

For those of you who don't know, the characters in this comic are based on people I know in real life. They are not exact copies of these people, more like carictures of them. Their names have been changed and they look nothing like the way their characters in the comic do.

That being said, ever since I made my first comic the first thing my Mom told me was, "I think Danny needs a hot Mom." I tried to explain to her that seeing as this is a comic mostly about guys playing video games both room for and the need for one of the main characters' Mother wasn't there.

I felt this explanation made perfect sense, and no further discussion of the topic was needed; however in my Mother's mind that translated to, "You made characters based on your stupid friends, but not your own Mother, who gave you life and took care of you and raised you?" Needless to say the topic was far from over.

Time went on and there was no sign of Danny's Mom. My Mom's birthday came and went and still not a trace of Danny's Mom. I just had no logical reason to make a comic about my Mom's birthday. Plus it was on a Tuesday, and I don't do comics on Tuesdays.

Then it all came to a head on Friday when I did a comic about my friend's wedding. "Oh sure, you don't do anything for my birthday, but your friend's wedding gets a comic. I see now where I rate." I'm still not sure if she was really mad about that or not, or was just being obstinate.

Well anyway, it's clear that my Mom just won't shut up until I make a character for her. Well here she is, in her first and possibly last appearance, Danny's Hot Mom. I hope your ego is content now, Mother.

P.S. Just like all the other characters she looks NOTHING like the person she's based on.