Do You Think at the End of the Semester There'll be Cake?

August 27, 2010

First off I'd have to say that today's comic's art has dramatically declined compared to yesterday's, soo I hope you all can handle that.

Today's comic was inspired by an article I heard about on's Hard News. Apparently a college is starting a new manditory freshman course that has playing Portal as one of it's "readings." From what the articale says it seems to be a humanity/philosophy course in which the nature of humanity and other minnd fuckeries are discussed. Makes sense to me, I had a similar class freshman year where one of our, "readings" waas watching The Matrix.

Thinking about the matter at hand, Portal does fit into this train of thought. Portal could be seen as a story about the determination of the human spirit to survive through unthinkable odds against an unseen omnipotent tyrant. With it's conclusion being all about free will and over throwing your oppressor. Kind of like Plato's allogory of the cave, but with crazy time and space altering lazer guns.