Brad's S.A.D.

January 1, 2013

Well here we are, the beginning of a new year, the holidays are officially over, and I have to admit I'm a little bummed. It's funny how a culture that starts ramping up for Christmas pretty much after Halloween, and some times even before then, but then after two months of hype and build up it's just over, no wind down period, just over. I got holiday whiplash.

On a side note this'll be the last comic for awhile. Taking my after holiday comic break, it might be more prolonged than in previous years, but I have a good reason. I plan to comepletely revamp the website, make it all sexified and what not, well sexify the code really. The actual appearance of the site won't change much, but trust me, the code is going to be betterer. But fear not true believers, I'll fill the gap partically with a guest comic here or there, that's right. I have guest comics. On that note, if you'd like to contribute a guest comic contact me here.

One more thing! The At Least Like Us on Facebook Campaign! has reached it's first goal, and thus the Brad Reviews section of the site is now open!